Weebly is an intiuitive drag-and-drop web page builder that allows lots of design flexibility within and between pages, with a WYSIWIG visual interface. The editor has a really fantastic mobile editor too, which shows you just how your site will appear on mobile devices. Weebly is really designed to create static web pages, though it does include the capability to create a blog.

The owner of a Weebly site can invite other participants to become editors on the site (or of a subdomain) in order to create pages collaboratively. However, in the free version at least, the only choice is to make a user a full administrator, with access to all aspects of the site. Only one person can work on any given page in a site at the same time, and there's really minimal ability to track who contributes what to a site when there are multiple users.

For most questions about using Weebly effectively, your first step should be to consult the Weebly Help Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I . . .



Adjust the background color and text color and size?

Change the site’s primary navigation menu or hide a page that’s currently linked to the menu?

Add a link to an external site to the primary navigation menu?


Change the text's appearance –- font type, alignment, etc.?

Find and save Creative Commons licensed images on Flickr, Google Images, through Weebly's image database, the Wikimedia Commons, or another service?

Crop and edit an image to fit a particular space using either the in-program tools or a service like PicMonkey?

Place an image to the right or left of text I've added to my site?

Add captions to better describe the image?

Show images in a gallery or slideshow?

Embed a video from a streaming video service?

Set the number and width of the columns and place objects in different columns?

Insert a survey, poll, or other feedback tool into my website?

Share a file on my website directly (e.g., a Word document)?