Privacy and Domain of One's Own

What you put up in your Domain of One’s Own space rests entirely with you. You can choose not to pick a domain that reveals your name. You can use a pseudonym on your actual site. However, when you sign up through the default process, your name does get published as part of the public record about your domain name. Anyone can find it by looking up details about the ownership of that domain name through a public “Whois” request. We CAN hide that information, but to do this, you need to purchase “ID Protection” during the sign-up process. If you’d like to request an entirely PRIVATE domain, please contact us at, and we will be in touch shortly.

This is NOT an issue if you’re already planning on using your name openly on your site (in your domain name or elsewhere). This option is aimed, specifically, at those who, for whatever reason, feel they want to take every precaution to hide their identity on their site.