Managing the Emory Spam Filtering System

Emory uses the Postini virus and junk mail protection service in order to stop messages from reaching your inbox. Then at the end of the day, if any messages have been blocked, you'll receive in your inbox a digest email listing each of those suspect emails, with the option to click on the deliver button to override the filtration system.

However, you do not actually have to wait for a digest message. You can go in manually and have messages delivered, and also control settings for how certain messages will be handled in the future.

First, log in to your personal message center on Postini with your Emory NetID and password.

This area is also where you go to change your password and to otherwise manage your network account at Emory. If you choose “Login to spam filtering,” you will be redirected to a message center with a list of all the recently blocked emails.

Find the emails you want delivered (especially emails from and, and check the boxes next to them on the left. Then click on the Deliver button.

You'll get a confirmation on the next screen that the message has been delivered. If you check the box next to the message and then the “Approve Selected Senders” button, then the Postini system will whitelist emails from those addresses in the future so that you don't have to repeat this process for trusted correspondents.