Verification Emails

Ensuring delivery of the 3 Emails

Immediately after you complete the signup process, you will receive 3 emails, including

  • an email from confirming the creation of your new account, which begins by asking you to “PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL IN FULL AND PRINT IT FOR YOUR RECORDS”
  • a receipt for payment of your domain registration from, and
  • a verification email with the subject line “IMPORTANT! Verify your contact information for” your domain, also delivered from

Please Note: All three of these emails are actually very important and you should read them carefully!!

Emory's spam filters will usually allow the receipt through with no problem, but it very frequently, they will stop the two more important emails. If you do not receive the emails in your inbox within moments of creating your account, then most likely they have been blocked. Emory's spam filters do not work like Gmail or many other email hosting services–simply looking in the folder in your inbox labeled “spam” will not show you emails that the system has blocked!

Instead, you need to log into the Postini spam filtering system with your Emory NetID and password and instruct the system to deliver those messages. Here is a page with simple instructions for managing the Emory spam filtering system. Please follow those instructions to log into the spam filtering system at Emory, mark the messages for delivery, and approve both of those senders so that in the future Emory will not quarantine important emails about your domain.

ICANN Verification

The last of those emails, the one that says in the subject line “IMPORTANT! Verify your contact information” is, believe it or not, especially important. When you register your new domain, the WHOIS body that manages these registration requires that you confirm the registration. That email continues a link which you must click on to verify that you've registered the domain. If you ignore the email and do not verify your contact information within 15 days, your domain will be suspended and you will not be able to do anything on your site until you are able to get them to send you a new verification email and you have confirmed that information.

Confirming that you've verified your domain registration

We've added a banner to your cPanel to notify you when you have not verified your ICANN registration. Go to Emory Domains and log in. When you are redirected to your dashboard, if you see a message that looks like this, then you have not yet verified your domain:

If that's the case, click on the blue button to resend the verification email, and then log into the Emory spam filtering system to have the message delivered.