Moving Your Domain to Emory Domains

The new Writing Program server

During the 2013-2014 academic year, the Emory Writing Program launched a pilot of Domain of One's Own @ Emory. Many students in that program registered domains with Reclaim Hosting during the pilot year. After the successful pilot year, we've acquired our own server through Reclaim Hosting. Having our own server brings many benefits for students and faculty taking part in the program and for us as adminstrators:

  • We have been able to integrate creating your cPanel account with Emory single signon, so that you don't need another account name and password to remember.
  • Reclaim Hosting raised their rates this year for students signing up to $25/year, in order to handle demand for the hosting space on their servers. By leasing our own server, the Writing Program has been able to absorb that cost for hosting so that the price to students remains $12/year to register the domain name itself.
  • We can customize many aspects of the process for Emory classes and students. We'll be rolling out new features as a result over the course of the year.
  • It allows for the creation of a community hub with lots more access to the work being done by students and faculty. We'll have community pages up on the main site early in the academic year, after a critical mass of students are signed up.
  • It will make providing support so much easier for us.
  • Along with many other advantages.

If you are one of those students who signed up for a domain and server space with Reclaim Hosting during the pilot year, you might be thinking to yourself “well, that's all great, but what about me?”

Never fear! We have not forgotten about you!

Moving your domain

If you purchased an account last year with Reclaim Hosting, it's a simple process for us to move your account over. There are 2 simple steps that you need to take first, and then we'll take care of the stuff under the hood for you and you'll be all set. Here's what you need to do:

  • Go to and click on the big “Sign up/Login” button or on the Dashboard link in the top menu and then log in with your Emory NetID and password. When you're redirected to the page that says “it looks like this is your first time here” and asks you to choose a domain name: stop right there. By signing in, your account name will be generated in our system but you do not want to purchase another new domain so do not go further.
  • Go fill out this super-duper quick little form to let us know that you've created the account in Emory domains.

We will move the files from the old server onto the new one and then send you a confirmation email. Once that is done, the next time you go to and sign in, you'll be taken straight to your cPanel. You won't need to remember the strange address and user name/password to get to the cPanel anymore.

If you had installed Wordpress on your domain, nothing will change about the way you log in to your Wordpress dashboard. The change will only affect how you get to your cPanel. Nothing should change about your domain or the websites you've got there during the move, but if you do notice anything out of place, then let us know via email.