Signing up on Domain of One's Own

Welcome to Domain of One's Own @ Emory University!

You have probably landed on this page because you are in one of the classes that is part of the Domain program this semester, but even if you're not in one of those classes, you can sign up here for your own domain and use these resources to help you build your own sites.

Getting started on Domain of One's Own is a straightforward process.

Choosing a Domain Name

Before you actually get started with registering your domain, you should think a little bit about what domain name you want to register. Your domain can be your name or some variation of your name but that's not a requirement for the program. You will need to decide what Top-Level Domain to use–so think not just about the name you want, but whether you want it to be .com, .net, .org., .info. or .us.

The Sign-Up Process

Before you start the sign-up process, be advised, you'll need to pay $12 with a credit card to register your domain name. The Writing Program is paying the cost of hosting your data on the server, but you'll need to pay the fee associated with registering a domain.

Once you've given your domain name some thought, go to and click either on the big “Sign up/Login button” or on “Dashboard” in the top menu.

You'll be redirected to a standard Emory login page. Sign in with your Emory NetID and password just as you normally would.

Note: If you signed up with a Domain at Reclaim Hosting sometime prior to August 2014, then once you have gotten to this point and you see the message below, stop there. You do not need to register another new domain. Signing in once will create an account for you in our system, and then we'll move all of your information over to the new system. In the meantime, you can keep logging into your cPanel with the account information you received at your original signup.

Once your login has processed, you'll be bounced back to your Domain dashboard, where the system will observe that it “looks like this is your first time here” and will prompt you to choose a domain name. Enter your name in the text box and choose a Top-Level Domain from the pull-down menu, then check availability.

Once you find get a “Congratulations your domain is available” message, click continue to move on.

You'll be asked whether you want to add on “ID Protection” for an extra $7. You can read more about what ID Protection is here before you decide. If you think it's worth paying the extra $7 then check the box. If not, which is perfectly fine, then just proceed to the next step.

Review your order on the next page. Make certain that the domain name appears the way you want it to. You are responsible for paying the $12 that it costs to register the domain to your name. The Emory Writing Program is subsidizing the cost of the plan by paying for your hosting. Because you are part of Domain of One's Own @ Emory, you're getting a domain and server space at a cost way below the market value!

If everything looks correct on your bill, then click the Order Now button and proceed to checkout.

On the next page, you'll provide your billing address and credit card information in order to purchase your domain. Fill out all of that information and continue.

You'll get an “Order Complete” popup message while your order is processing and then you will be redirected to your dashboard.

Once the billing process is completed, your Domain account will be created and you will be redirected to your cPanel (which is an abbreviation for Control Panel). From here, you can begin installing the software that will allow you to build sites on your new server space and domain!

Verification Emails

Immediately after you complete the signup process, you will receive 3 emails:

  1. an email from confirming the creation of your new account, which begins by asking you to “PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL IN FULL AND PRINT IT FOR YOUR RECORDS”
  2. a receipt for payment of your domain registration from, and
  3. a verification email with the subject line “IMPORTANT! Verify your contact information for” your domain, also delivered from

Please Note: All three of these emails are actually very important and you should read them carefully!!. If you do not receive the email within moments of creating your account, that's because the Emory spam quarantine system is blocking some or all of these emails. You cannot simply check the folder labeled “spam” to find these messages, because Emory's system has quarantined them before delivery. In this case, please go to this page and follow the instructions to log into the spam filtering system at Emory, mark the messages for delivery, and approve both of those senders so that in the future Emory will not quarantine important emails about your domain.

The last of those emails, the one that says in the subject line “IMPORTANT! Verify your contact information” is, believe it or not, especially important. When you register your new domain, the WHOIS body that manages these registration requires that you confirm the registration. That email continues a link which you must click on to verify that you've registered the domain. If you ignore the email and do not verify your contact information within 15 days, your domain will be suspended and you will not be able to do anything on your site until you are able to get them to send you a new verification email and you have confirmed that information.

Next steps

Once you've purchased your domain, probably the first thing you'll want to do is to install Wordpress so you can get to publishing a site. You should also take a few moments to look around in your cPanel and get a sense of all the options available to you.