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Welcome to the Domain of One's Own Documentation wiki! Here you will find lots of information about the conceptual underpinnings of Domain as well as about the software and tools that support the project.

You have probably landed on this page because you are in one of the classes that is part of the Domain program this semester, but even if you're not in one of those classes, you can sign up here for your own domain and use these resources to help you build your own sites.

There are lots more information throughout these documentation and help pages, so feel free to explore. The pages categorized under the heading of Getting Started are meant to be a sort of “quick start” guide to help walk you through a basic set up. One of the key ideas underlying the Domain program is that this space you're publishing into belongs to you and you should be able to make key decisions about how to use it and what's right for you–so if you get instructions there that don't make sense for how you want to do things, don't be afraid to decide to try something else or to ask for more information before you proceed.

ICANN Verfication

If you have not received the ICANN verification email, please check out this page.


If you need help, first please make a genuine effort to solve your own problem.

  • If you are working with Wordpress, there is a huge and well-developed set of help documents on almost every aspect of the software, called the Wordpress Codex.
  • If you're working with Weebly, check the Help Center for answers to many of your questions.
  • Most of the other applications available for installation on Emory Domains via Installatron have their own help and tutorial pages, please look for their individual help pages for answers to your questions about them.

If you have tried to solve your own problem but you're truly stuck and need help, check here for what to do next.

Many of these documentation pages are adapted from the Domain of One's Own program at the University of Mary Washington.